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BMIEY spotlight feature in Early Years Educator

June 03, 2018

Shaddai Tembo is a member of the leadership team at Bristol Men in Early Years and gives a slightly different perspective on the reasons why we need to urgently do something to address gender in early years settings...

To reference: Tembo, S. (2018) Tackling the gender imbalance. Early Years Educator. 20 (3).

Third National Men in Early Years Conference Comes to Bristol

May 14, 2018

Marco, an Early Years teacher working in Bristol has been telling us about the Third National Men in Early Years Conference due to be held 10th July at City Hall…

The Third National Men in Early Years Conference is shaping up to be an exciting day, with contributions from renowned names in recent education and gender studies literature, as well as a range of workshops and stalls run by organisations with years of experience and expertise in countering gender stereotypes in early learning and practice.

Four ways to get more men teaching kids

April 30, 2018

There need to be more male role models for children in early years education, the school leaders' union NAHT says, as only 3% of teachers in this field are men.

Men in Early Years, what's being done?

April 13, 2018

In light of the recent media coverage on the lack of men in early years, it seems a good to highlight the positive work going on behind the scenes...

Letter in Nursery World, April 2018.

BMIEY on The Victoria Derbyshire Show

March 14, 2018

Shaddai, from the network, was invited onto the The Victoria Derbyshire show to discuss how  diversity in the Early Years profession be improved. You can view here.

Chris Hemmings, BBC journalist, recently recorded a short video highlighting the experiences of men in the Early Years, which you can view here

BMIEY Featured on The Gender Knot Podcast

February 14, 2018

Shaddai, from the Leadership Team at BMIEY, was recently interviewed for The Gender Knot podcast. He discusses the difference between sex and gender, why we should be challenging the imbalance in the Early Years and the issue of status and professionalism in the workforce. Take a listen here. 

3% Increase in Male Early Years Workers is a Small, But Positive, Start to Solving the Recruitment Crisis

November 13, 2017

With 84% of settings finding vacancies hard to fill, it has never been more important to widen the net and attract talented men and women to the sector

Early Years Educator Workforce Feature

October 09, 2017

Bristol Men in Early Years were recently featured in October's issue of Early Years Educator, click through the gallery to see the interview and hear about the work we are doing a the moment. A big thanks to Maureen Lee for giving us this opportunity

Men in Early Years, why it matters

March 07, 2017

We know how important the earliest years of life are, 85% of the brain develops before the age of 5, every £1 invested at the start saves £7 back through reduced healthcare costs, lower criminal justice and a stronger economy.

Men at work

August 31, 2016

Stories about gender inequality at work reguarly hit the headlines, usually involving under-representation of women - such as engineering, where females number one in ten. But what about the other side of the story?

Meet the male teachers changing the perception of nursery school education

July 05, 2016

"For far too long we’ve had an upside down education system – with all the emphasis on the importance of GCSE, A Level and university,” explains Jay Ramsey, 40, a nursery teacher at St Werburgh's Park School in Bristol. “But research shows that the influence of a good quality nursery environment continues to be felt right through to GCSEs and A Levels – and these benefits can even be measured economically.”

Men making a difference in early years education

January 11, 2016

A group of highly motivated male teachers, practitioners and professionals from Bristol have joined forces to encourage more men to consider a career in early years and challenge common stereotypes about males in the profession.

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