A Career in Early Years - Best Practice Network Workshop at MITEY18

Ahead of the the Third National Men in Early Years Conference, Nicky Oram, of Best Practice Network, discusses her workshop on 'Perspectives from recent trainees on the Early Years Teacher training (EYITT) programme'.

This information session and workshop will include commentary from current and past trainees “telling their story” including why they work in early years and what they value from this work.

We will also include a focus on the role of early years teachers in promoting equality and anti-discriminatory practice including the important role of modelling positive values and attitudes.

This interactive workshop will highlight Early Years Teacher training (EYITT) which is fully funded training as a positive way forward to a career in early years for all graduates (including men).

We will explore some of the challenges faced by men in the early years workplace including the notion that early years education is child care and traditionally the work of women.

At Best Practice Network we believe that the gender imbalance in the professionals working with children really matters as from birth children begin to develop a picture of the world around them. They progressively work out and understand who they are and what they can become.

If a baby or small child joins an early years setting where most, if not all, of the adults they engage with are women their understanding of the world is limited to this experience. If later stages of education are similarly gendered, these perceived limitations will persist.

Within our EYITT programme we have worked hard to strengthen our focus on the importance of Early Years Teachers’ awareness and commitment to challenge stereotypes, including those relating to gender. We aim to contribute to welcoming and encouraging men into the early years workforce. We believe that a more diverse workforce will help transform the way we think about gender roles in society that will ultimately be for the benefit of all children.

For the last couple of years we have invited guest speakers who share their passion and commitment for working in the early years to our training sessions. We have written articles for leading early years publications highlighting the valuable contribution that men make to early years settings. We have even provided case studies to the DfE. During our workshop we will introduce delegates to our trainees who will share their experience and demonstrate the importance of of men being employed in early years care and education

Find out more about Best Practice Network and the EYITT course here


Nicky is the Programme Leader for Early Years Initial Teacher Training at Best Practice Network in partnership with eQualitas. Nicky has also led a number of other early years programmes during her time at Best Practice Network including EYITT’s predecessor Early Years Professional Status. Nicky manages a large team of tutors and mentors who work in a wide range of settings all over the country.

She is passionate about early years having worked as a primary school and early years teacher for many years in London, Sussex and more recently in Wiltshire. Nicky is always keen further her own development and is currently enjoying the new opportunities offered on the Master’s degree in Education programme that she is undertaking.

The Third National Men in Early Years Conference, will take place Tuesday 10th July 2018 at City Hall, Bristol. Tickets here.

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