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The Bristol Standard

The Bristol Standard Quality Improvement Framework supports all early years’ settings in continuously improving the quality of their practice, through a dynamic cycle of informed reflection, discussion, self-evaluation and action. It has been recognized nationally as an example of effective practice. The Bristol Standard empowers practitioners to talk knowledgeably about what they do, why they do it and the difference it is making for children and families in their care whilst providing them with a clear structure for improvement.

Pete Moorhouse

Pete Moorhouse is an artist educator and early years consultant. He is an honorary research fellow at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol researching creative and critical thinking in Early Years. Pete is an associate trainer for Early Education and deliverers training both nationally and overseas. His work in school is centred around developing children's creativity and his practice is inspired by Froebellian principles and the practice in Reggio Emilia. Pete is the UKs leading authority on woodwork in Early Years education and has written several books and journal articles.( )

Central to Pete's practice is providing equal opportunities and challenging stereotypes.


Ceeda is an independent agency specialising in early years research since 1999. Our focus is on producing evidence and insight to inform early years policy and practice. Our work includes pioneering benchmark research used by setting every day to collect and act on parent and staff feedback, and the 'About Early Years' sector research programme, launched in May 2017 to deliver systematic year on year analysis of key sector trends, opportunities and challenges.

Bristol Zero Tolerance

Bristol Zero Tolerance is run by Bristol Women’s Voice to tackle gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation across the city. The project works in partnership with Bristol City Council and other key organisations to better help us achieve real change around gender-based violence issues.

Bristol Zero Tolerance acts as an overarching initiative linking different strategies and bodies together and raising awareness about the related work happening in Bristol. We also encourage Bristol-based organisations and city leaders to set a good example and sign up to our pledge to take positive action. The vision of the Zero Tolerance City initiative is for Bristol to become a city with a zero tolerance approach to all forms of gender-based violence and abuse.


Sick of the sea of pink and blue, Roanna and Chris founded GenNeu - a gender neutral toy and book store. The online store sources toys in neutral colours and packaging, as well as bedtime stories that reflect the diversity of the world we actually live in - no damsels in distress!

Jessica Kingsley Publisher’s

Jessica Kingsley Publisher’s essential early years books cover topics including PSED, play-based learning, safeguarding and much more. Each book provides support and easy-to-follow steps to help you deliver the EYFS. We also have you covered for all things autism spectrum, special ed., mental health, and gender diversity - offering information and support for young children in all these areas.

Early Education

Early Education is a national charity and membership body supporting early years practitioners and teachers with training and consultancy; e-newsletters, a Journal, books and online resources; and local and national professional networks. We also campaign to raise the quality of early childhood education for every child, seeking to ensure policy makers hear the views of sector experts and practitioners. Find out more about how to get involved at

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