Our Vision 

A gender diverse workforce within the Early Years (birth to seven years old).

Our Mission

To be a hub of support, experience, and research: that provides professional dialogue for everyone working with young children.  

As a wide and constantly expanding network of professionals within the early years workforce, we aim to be a part of a large driving force for research on diversity, gender and inclusive practices within Bristol and beyond. Being a hub of support is of crucial value to us as we aim to offer practical help and guidance to all.


To encourage gender equality in the Early Years sector. 

With an overwhelming female workforce, the network’s main aims are to increase the gender diversity of those working with children in early years and transform the way we think about traditional and contemporary gender roles to free children from their constraints, both in this career and in others. We work to achieve this through outreach work, engaging and connecting with those looking for a challenging, exciting and inclusive career working with young children.


To challenge commonly held perceptions and stereotypes about gender in the Early Years

Tackling gender inequality, both amongst adults and children, is an important part of what we do. Unfair ‘rules’ on what it means to be a typical ‘boy’ or a typical ‘girl’ lead to perceived and developmental differences between genders. These differences limit achievement; aspiration and self-worth, perpetuating the inequality in the workforce. 

Our network aims to challenge these views and support gender equity within all early years settings.

Our Values


We strive for equitable practice and opportunity.


We believe in a foundation of evidence-based research and thinking.


We want to eradicate harmful stereotypes and promote positive attitudes for all children and adults.